Marius De Beer

Marius’ interest in software systems started at an early age and he has been “living the life of software” ever since. After qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer in 1991 he focused on the design of mechanical systems with electronic controls. In 1996 his transition to pure software systems development was complete. Since then Marius has been involved in most of the dominant software technologies and environments, from high availability back-end systems handling thousands of transactions per second, to small embedded systems running mission critical software with minimal memory and processing power. From 2002 Marius has been an avid practitioner of Agile Engineering Practices and as technical lead and mentor has helped many teams adopt these practices. In 2008 he also started coaching in Agile Management Practices and completed an Agile Apprenticeship in the USA and Canada which included his Scrum Master Certification with Ken Schwaber. Marius mentors teams in implementing Scrum, XP and Kanban. Marius is now living in Vancouver, Canada. He remains a Learning Partner of Scrum Sense.