We consult to organisations large and small that have a passion to become more agile. They recognise that agility is the key to surviving in a changing world.

We employ a coaching approach. We use Agile and Lean methods such as Scrum and Kanban in combination with conventional organisational development techniques.

Becoming agile implies change, not just for the team, but for the organisation as a whole. It impacts the essence of the organisation through its culture. Such changes require a sustained effort over a long period. It requires clear commitment from every level in the organisation.

We start our working with senior leadership of the organisation to establish their goals and to drive the change programme. We help them to understand and appreciate the changes in leadership style on which sustained agility depends. Then we work with empowered teams of knowledge workers to improve their processes, their products and their lives. Most importantly we work with middle managers to encourage and enable them to thrive in a changing, agile world.

Implementing Lean/Agile methods and building a learning, agile organisation is hard work and can be frustrating at times. The agility coach brings a bag of tools and a basket of experience to the table. However it is the client who owns both the problem and the solution. The coach acts as an enabler. With the right commitment and appropriate support from leadership, an organisation can significantly improve its predictability, quality and value delivery. These improvements can become visible rather quickly—even weeks. However it take much longer for the changes to become institutionalised and self-sustaining.

Interestingly, when asked what they would change if they did their transition to agility over, the most common comment heard from leaders in organisations worldwide is “more coaching”!

Certified Scrum Coach