• Louise Gardiner

    Louise Gardiner is a strategic facilitator and mediator helping organisations get back to the basics of creative collaboration. She is Founder, Director of First Principles. With deep foundations in the international sustainablility domain, Louise has extensive experience supporting business initiatives and partnerships that create a better future for people and the planet. She is passionate about reconnecting teams with a sense of purpose and community.


  • Dr Sigi Kaltenecker

    Dr Sigi Kaltenecker is an Organisational Development consultant based in Vienna. He focusses on leadership in the finance and IT sectors, helping organisations to manage the changes inherent in a move to Agile and Lean methods. He is the co-author of the book ’Kanban in IT: Achieving a Culture of Continuous Improvement’ (in German). He is co-editor of the Platform for Agile Management. He is a regular visitor to South Africa both as a conference speaker and a leadership trainer.

  • Dr. Klaus Leopold

    Dr. Klaus Leopold is a computer scientist with many years of experience in the IT industry. He is the co-author of the book ‘Kanban in IT: Achieving a Culture of Continuous Improvement’ (in German) and an LKU-accredited Kanban trainer and Kanban coach with LEANability ( His main interest is painless evolutionary change leadership using the Kanban method. Klaus is co-founder of the Limited WIP Society Austria and the Swiss Limited WIP Society. He publishes his current thoughts on his blog

  • Marius De Beer

    Marius’ interest in software systems started at an early age and he has been “living the life of software” ever since. After qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer in 1991 he focused on the design of mechanical systems with electronic controls. In 1996 his transition to pure software systems development was complete. Since then Marius has been involved in most of the dominant software technologies and environments, from high availability back-end systems handling thousands of transactions per second, to small embedded systems running mission critical software with minimal memory and processing power. From 2002 Marius has been an avid practitioner of Agile Engineering Practices and as technical lead and mentor has helped many teams adopt these practices. In 2008 he also started coaching in Agile Management Practices and completed an Agile Apprenticeship in the USA and Canada which included his Scrum Master Certification with Ken Schwaber. Marius mentors teams in implementing Scrum, XP and Kanban. Marius is now living in Vancouver, Canada. He remains a Learning Partner of Scrum Sense.

  • Danie Roux

    Danie is an independent consultant. He has experienced the difference between good and bad agile and it has opened his eyes to how agile should be approached.

    Danie holds Honours degrees in both Computer Science and Technology Management. This combination gives him a deep understanding and empathy of the challenges that both business people and technical people face.

    He is a public speaker with appearances at the Scrum Gathering in South Africa, and at Agile Africa.