Vacancy: Scrum Master / Team Coach

Our need

We are looking for up to three people to join our staff in Cape Town, Johannesburg and (possibly) Durban.

You are currently a leader of a Lean/Agile team or teams in the role of Scrum Master, Lean Team Facilitator, Agile Team Coach or similar. You have fulfilled this role for at least one year and ideally for three years with a variety of teams.

Your success and strengths lie in:

  • Adopting a servant leadership style to foster self-organisation in your teams
  • Possessing a solid understanding of Lean/Agile processes including Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming
  • Helping product owners or product managers understand their role in managing end-to-end value for their product
  • Helping technical team members construct and execute suitable team processes that enable professional and incremental delivery of their work
  • Helping the organisation to understand and work with Lean/Agile methods, so that they can become enablers and not inhibiters of the team’s progress
  • Applying your superior communication skills at all levels of the organisation
  • Demonstrating your personal humility and a desire to help others succeed
  • Having a hunger to learn and improve yourself
  • Reading broadly on Lean, Agile and leadership topics and you participating in local and international forums
  • Possessing a deep desire to make a difference.

Your role

At Scrum Sense you will consult to our clients, helping them with their own Lean/Agile transformation. You will typically spend three to twelve months with one client.

Specifically you are likely to do some or all of:

  • Helping novice teams to learn and apply the basics of Kanban, Scrum and Extreme Programming
  • Facilitating teams to self-organise and collaborate
  • Coaching managers to become servant leaders
  • Coaching product owners and product managers in the proper execution of their roles
  • Applying professional change management to your work.

Your qualifications might include:

  • a bachelor or higher degree in any field
  • Certified Scrum Professional, or ability to qualify for this
  • Kanban Coaching Professional, or ability to qualify for this.

In this work you will be supported and mentored by a journeyman. You will be expected to invest ten to twenty percent of your working time into growing your own skills. You will likewise be expected to mentor and grow others.

About Scrum Sense

Scrum Sense is a Lean-Agile consultancy with a presence in Cape Town and Johannesburg. We provide training, coaching and mentorship services to individuals and organisations as they transition to Lean and Agile methods. Most important to us is helping people to delight their customers and have more fun at work.


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